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Five affordable Sony E mount prime lenses that will leave you speechless

The low cost of some third-party prime lenses is what makes the Sony platform so appealing to new photographers. You can get some top-tier optics for your camera for under $600, if not much less.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend a small fortune on lenses to get high-quality results. Only a few years ago, you had to pay exorbitant prices for lenses with weather sealing, lightning-fast autofocus motors, fast apertures, and high-quality optics. That is no longer the case. In this roundup, we’ll look at four prime lenses for Sony’s E mount that offer all of the above and cost less than $500.

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Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DG DN is an affordable prime lens.

The Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DG DN is a fantastic lens at a fantastic price. This fast prime will have an equivalent focal length of 24mm on Sony APS-C cameras, making it ideal for a wide range of photography genres. Street, documentary, environmental portraits, landscapes, food photography, and other genres will be easier to capture than ever before.

With a maximum aperture of f/1.4, you can not only achieve a very shallow depth of field, but you can also shoot in very low-light situations with ease. The excellent optics will help you create sharp images even when wide open, and a seal at the provides a small amount of weather protection. This is one of the best low-cost prime lenses available.

Sigma’s latest lenses are Amazing.

Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD is an affordable full frame prime lens.

If we told you a few years ago that you could get fast prime lenses with top-tier weather sealing for under $250, you would have laughed at us. You can get such a lens, and it’s a beauty. The Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD is a wide-angle lens for Sony full-frame cameras that is designed to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath.

The body of the Tamron 20mm f/2.8 is made of tough composites, as is the case with many modern Tamron lenses. The optics are fantastic, and they contribute to pleasing colours. The weather sealing is comparable to that of much more expensive pro-grade lenses. Check out this lens if you need a fast wide-angle prime that won’t break the bank.

Rokinon 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, and 85mm f/1.4 prime lenses are all reasonably priced.

Rokinon/Samyang lenses have always had high-quality optics. They have recently begun producing lenses with autofocus motors. What’s more, these lenses are still as affordable as they’ve always been. The Rokinon AF Rokinon 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, and 85mm f/1.4 are living proof that you don’t have to break the bank to get good glass.

For less than $600, you’ll get stunning optics that deliver razor-sharp images, smooth bokeh, and natural colours. The lens is also made of metal. When you add in autofocus motors that allow the lens to work flawlessly with Sony cameras, it’s easy to see why the Rokinon 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, and 85mm f/1.4 make the list of affordable prime lenses.