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Five Ways to Improve Your Photo Appearance

Discover the positions, outfits, and beauty tips that can help you channel your inner celebrity for the camera. So you’ll never have to use the “untag” function again!

Contrary to common opinion, being photogenic is a learned ability, not a natural trait reserved for celebrities.

The simplest tricks can have the most influence when it comes to appearing good in photos. Follow the 5 excellent tips below to catch the best version of yourself at the instant the shutter clicks and feel insanely confident in front of the camera. You’ll be in fierce form in no time.

“Here’s list of way to  Improve Your Photo Appearance.”

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#1 Make a Pose.

It’s as simple as that… Stand up straight and tall, lift your head (picture a cord pulling your body above), then thrust your chest forwards and pull your tummy in, then relax your shoulders. Allow the knee of the opposite left to pop out as you shift your weight to the back leg. Bring your hips out just a tad to add some curve. Allow your arms to fall to the side and bend your elbow gently. The objective is to create some separation between your arm and your body. Take note of how celebrities pose for shots on the red carpet. This is also known as the “Miss America Pose.”


#2 The Jaw Is Everything.

Do you want to avoid having a double chin?
When we are in front of a camera, we often reflexively pull our heads back, which is absolutely unflattering. Instead, angle your chin down slightly and push your brow out towards the camera. It may appear ludicrous at first, but practise this in the mirror and you’ll be amazed at how beautifully accentuated your jawline may look with this little modification.

Here’s how posed wedding photo look

#3 Experiment with the camera.

Play around and embrace what makes you special (your freckles, that small gap between your front teeth, those cute smile lines). A confident demeanour can make all the difference in the world, so stop hiding and get to work!

The Squinch is number four.

“Are you playing a joke on me?
” Dubbed the “squinch” by celebrity headshot shooter Peter Hurley, Brad Pitt gets this fluid move down pat. All you have to do to pull it off is stare intently at the camera, with a slight downward pressure on your brows and a slight elevation of your lower eyelids. It may appear perplexing, but it works!

It may feel strange at first, but with practise, you’ll seem attractive and mysterious.

#5 Size Does Matter.

But not in the way you may imagine… Tight-fitting clothing photographs better than loose clothing. Solid colours are almost usually preferable to prints. Wearing a single hue from head to toe helps to extend your body, making a slim-fitting garment a great choice for photography. It will highlight all of your curves in the correct spots. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 22, if you have curves, flaunt them!

Men, make sure your suits are properly tailored. Sleeves that are overly long or pants that have not been correctly hemmed will detract from your overall appearance. Put on a statement necklace (or a vibrant tie) to draw attention upwards to your face, and you’ll be surprised at how good you look!

I hope you find these suggestions useful! Don’t be too serious about yourself! Have some fun and relax! If you want a joyful photographer who will keep the shoot alive and bright. Make contact right now!